Why use Iodine

A free, reliable and secure content host

Unlike some others, using Iodine is completely free, no entry fees or invite codes.

Blazing fast

We feature API nodes globally to provide swift upload speeds from wherever you are. Serving content is also very fast globally with our advanced content delivery network.

Built for reliability

Whenever, you can rely on Iodine. Your content is backed up upon uploading and Iodine's infrastructure has been developed to withstand large attacks and traffic.

Security in mind

We ensure your data is encrypted and kept secure. We only use PII such as IP and email address to verify you within our services, at no point is it ever sold or revealed to the public.

Humane at heart

We like to be lenient when it comes to your uploads, but to maintain a safe community for everyone our services include a CSAM filter to find and remove abusive content.

All kinds of files

We support a variety of file types, including but not limited to images, videos, zip files, rar files, office documents, and more supported soon.

Simple and convenient

Screenshot, video, and file uploading all in one place? Sounds great! - No more confusing mess, With Iodine, you'll be sharing your files with simplicity in no time.

Don't take our word for it

A large part of Iodine is it's community, see what they're saying about us.

Iodine has the fastest upload times and a super nice and responsive team. They continue to impress their users with new features and are constantly fixing bugs found by the community. The experience is 10/10.


Iodine.gg is amazing. No, really! The project developers are always striving to make the brilliant service they offer better. They provide complete transparency and it is so secure! 100% would recommend.


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